Columbia Sports Columns

For those who care about such things, this page is an archive of my sports columns for the Columbia Daily Spectator. I started at Spec as a copy staffer in the spring of 2011, was quickly promoted to ACE (associate copy editor), and spent four semesters doing that. In my last two years at Columbia, I wrote a bi-weekly column for the sports section. I also served on the paper’s editorial board my senior year.

Spring 2014: For Pete’s Sake

May 5: Why I should be Columbia’s head coach, along with some thoughts on why we’re intensely critical of coaches. (Though perhaps it is fair when your team goes 0-10.)

April 28: My farewell column to Spec and to Columbia.

April 21: On the surprising, uplifting success of Columbia’s spring sports after a disastrous fall.

April 7: A critique of Columbia baseball’s hitting. Immediately after publishing the team began a 15-game winning streak, which I will now take all the credit for.

March 24: Columbia basketball made it into the Tournament, which sounds really sketchy but was actually a valuable experience for a program on the rise.

March 3: An analysis of how the women’s basketball team has improved under their new coach.

February 17: To this day, I cannot think of this Columbia-Harvard game and not die a little inside. It was that gut-wrenching a loss. Harvard went on to do well in the NCAA Tournament which I was not even slightly bitter about.

February 3: A more sentimental column, on my relationship with the Columbia University Marching Band and the various teams we play for.

January 22: Cornell sucks.

Fall 2013: For Pete’s Sake

December 9: It’s time to renovate the Dodge Fitness Center, the main gym on the Morningside campus.

November 18: The men’s basketball team nearly upsets Michigan State, and I have some thoughts about the campus reaction to the game.

October 28: Frustration bubbles over after a 56-0 destruction at Dartmouth.

October 14: The importance of breaking Columbia’s twelve-year homecoming losing streak. Needless to say, they did not succeed this year.

September 30: Thoughts on a disastrous start to the season for Light Blue football — two blowout losses and two huge injuries.

September 16: A piece on the Columbia volleyball team and the immense effort required to play volleyball.

September 3: Why we should hope for success for the Lions football team this year. In hindsight, this column is way funnier than it should be.

Spring 2013: Lion in London

April 30: My last column in London — a visit to Surrey County Cricket Club to get to the bottom of this whole “cricket” thing.

April 15: Some thoughts on Columbia’s successful baseball season and my travels around Europe.

April 1: A very “foolish” column on Sunil Gulati, US Soccer, and some ways to build a home-field advantage for the Lions.

March 3: Why it’s time to fire Paul Nixon, the women’s basketball coach at Columbia.

February 18: In memory of my grandmother, an essay on what baseball means to me and my family.

February 4: In which I go to a UCL basketball game, commit minor acts of journalism, and muse on the meaning of community.

January 22: The practical issues with following Columbia’s basketball team from London.

Fall 2012: For Pete’s Sake

December 10: How sports can improve student wellness at Columbia.

November 26: On Columbia basketball’s groundbreaking 75-57 win over Villanova.

November 12: They may have only won three games, but Columbia’s football team made some huge strides under Pete Mangurian.

October 29: How Columbia beat Yale for the first time in ten years. Hint: it involved scoring more points than them.

October 15: A vision of an alternate universe where I go to Penn, and some thoughts on what it means to perpetually have your heart broken.

October 1: After a pathetic loss to Princeton, I critique the football team’s offensive game plan. Coach Mangurian retweeted the article with the message “Harsh words from Peter Andrews,” which was simultaneously exciting and terrifying.

September 17: How the Columbia football team is like Charlie Brown, and other thoughts from game one of the Mangurian Era.

September 4: My first regular column, a comparison of Pete Mangurian and Peter Laviolette.

February 7: A guest column I wrote after the Super Bowl in 2012.

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