In the fall of 2013, I wrote a series on football for Spectrum, the blog of the Columbia Daily Spectator. The concept of the series was two-fold: (1) to explain the basics of football to a novice audience and (2) to use game film to explain why certain plays failed or succeeded.

October 4 (Monmouth): Breaking down the basic concepts of the Lions passing offense.

October 11 (Princeton): How a crossing route works.

October 18 (Lehigh): The screen pass (and how to defend it).

October 25 (Penn): Hook and curl routes, and how defenders can anticipate them.

November 8 (Yale): How to beat a defense prepared for the run, and what a holding penalty is.

November 15 (Harvard): Explaining Harvard’s success with the read-option.

November 22 (Cornell): Zone defense, and how to beat it — or, in Columbia’s case, how not to beat it.

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