Baroness Thatcher’s Funeral

Dominating the headlines in Britain today was the funeral of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Her coffin processed from Parliament to the funeral in St. Paul’s this morning. So naturally I woke up and walked over to Parliament c. 9:50 am. All a bit anticlimactic as the hearse zoomed down Whitehall at 10:02.

Having nothing else to do, I took the tube over to St. Pauls where there was quite a crowd. However, I had a very weird angle — saw the Queen’s car drive up and heard the general singing of “God Save the Queen” but did not see the Queen actually getting out of her car. After the band played her coffin into the cathedral I left because really not much point of standing around.

Thatcher is a controversial figure — but to my eyes there was not much evidence of protest… though, not much evidence of love either. Everyone just seemed to be interested in what was going on. The whole thing is a minor controversy — it’s the most expensive funeral since Churchill’s and she received full military honors despite her divisive figure on the national stage. People are blaming the very unpopular Cameron gov’t for playing it up to boost Tory morale. At least, that’s my very rudimentary take on the current political situation.
So, just a short update on an interesting event I saw today. The weather here has been beautiful all week with the exception of the three hours of the funeral today, culminating with this great nightscape from my evening walk tonight. Pictures from the second half of my trip coming tomorrow!

One reply on “Baroness Thatcher’s Funeral”

Sorry that you didn’t see the ceremonial part of Mrs. T’s funeral yesterday which actually started at St. Clement Dane’s (the RAF church) at the beginning of the Strand.  Needless to say, I was glued to the television from 10 am onwards.  Lovely Service – I thought very impressive.   I hope all is well with you.  No doubt everything is feeling a bit flat but I gather your mother will be joining you soon if all goes according to plan. Next big event is, of course, the London Marathon.   Look after yourself.  Aunt Joan


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