The last few days, Memento-style

Hi — quick update time!

Working backwards: I made it to Rome today via a hyper fast train from Florence. Loved Florence. The David sculpture is incredible and well worth the price of admission. Visited the uffizi gallery and cathedral as well, randomly met some other UCL folks in my hostel which was a nice surprise.

Highlight of Venice (the previous two nights) was a Vivaldi concert though the whole city is very unique if a bit of a tourist trap. Train via Munich was quite long but worth it for the view of the alps and the chance to say that I have been to Austria. Edelweiss!

Didn’t mention in the last blog but Munich highlight (if you can call it that) was Dachau — the most haunting and painful place I have ever visited. Took me a while to recover.

Now, four nights in Rome and two in Paris before England calls me back on Friday in the morning. Any Rome tips or suggestions from the peanut gallery?



4 replies on “The last few days, Memento-style”

4 Nights in Rome? You’ll see the major sights, I’m sure. In the city, you should also make sure to see the Pantheon. So cute & plunked in the middle of everything, like all of Rome. Campo dei Fiori is fun to walk through, and I love the baths of Caracalla — dwarfs you unbelievably. Walk up to Trastevere if you have time, where you get some great overlooks of the city up the Janiculum hill and may visit the American Embassy if you happen to lose your passport or something. 🙂 (That’s the neighborhood where I lived when I was there.) SO JEALOUS!

Super jealous of you ambling about Europe! It sounds fantastic. Definitely check out the old Roman forum in Rome. It’s best if you have some kind of guide or printout that can explain what everything is – my guidebook had one when I was there.

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