Berlin: or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the wall

Ahoy citizens of the Internet! Leaving Berlin tomorrow morning after a very exciting 2.5 days with Nate.

The highlights: walking along the path of the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, watching die Mannshaft take on Kazakhstan in a bar, the Neues Museum on Museum Island including the bust of Nefertiti, meeting Britons in our hostel, the Berlin Zoo and their impressive collection of big cats, and the DDR (East Germany) Museum.

Berlin Wall

The lowlights: basically nothing.

Bust of Pericles in the Altes Museum

Berlin turned out to be a really fascinating city, full of history — much of it quite sad but nonetheless offering possibilities for the future. The city is quite sprawling and somewhat empty, much of it having been destroyed in the war and reconstructed over the last few decades. Our hostel is in a great location in a Turkish/ethnic district in the south of the city — lots of food in the area including “doner kebab.” Did you know that kebab was actually invented in Berlin? Lots more good, cheap food than there was in Amsterdam, including some baklava and traditional German sausage and curry wurst. Tonight we actually has Mexican food for the first time in Europe, which was fantastic (particularly the margaritas).

So much chocolate…

Our hostel was also really nice, and we spent some time hanging out with a large group of British university students who had been biking to Berlin. All in all I have no complaints at all about this city. Very excited to see Prague tomorrow after a four hour train ride!

Me after eight days of traveling.

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